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Winter bugs to be aware of, according to APS


While mosquitoes and fire ants are summer bugs to fend off, Alabama winters should have residents safeguarding against:

1) Argentine ants
2) Brown marmorated stink bugs
3) Carpenter ants
4) House flies
5) Ladybugs

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Don’t Let a Critter Create a Holly Jolly Catastrophe in Your Home!

Whether you whip up a mean sweet potato casserole or you’re an expert in the fine art of calling a caterer, this time of year transforms your kitchen to a holiday hub. From Turkey Day to Hanukah, Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve—it seems as though there’s always a celebration with food at its center! The kitchen becomes our gathering space. The sweet mingling aromas of pies and tarts and turkey baking in the oven, the sound the spoon makes as it stirs the cornbread dressing in Grandma’s bowl, the glimmering shimmy shake of the cranberry sauce as it rests with can ridges displayed proudly on its serving platter—these are the smells and sights that simply draw us in to the home’s food epicenter.

Unfortunately, all those tantalizing smells and wayside crumbs from the cooking process can also draw in some seriously uninvited guests. Worse than the on-and-off again girlfriend your uncle is certain to bring to the gathering this year. More obnoxious than your third cousin who sticks his fingers in the mashed potatoes when he thinks nobody is looking. Crumb-hunting, creepy-crawling, holiday-ruining pests…

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Have a bat problem? Call The Shield!

alabama professional mosquitoes services
Bats can become a problem once they’re in your home. Sixteen species of bats can be found right here in Alabama, and many are year-round residents. Learn the signs of a bat infestation and what you can do to get these creepy fliers out of your home…


Post-Storm Mosquitoes Mean Disease and Discomfort

alabama professional mosquitoes services
Though Birmingham managed to escape Hurricane Irma relatively unscathed, the aftermath of such sudden fluctuation in temperature and humidity has proven ideal for one of our world’s oldest perturbances: mosquitoes.

Post-hurricane conditions like stagnant water on the ground or in gutters can serve as a breeding ground for would-be bloodsuckers. And while a mosquito’s bite itself is both unsightly and itchy, the implications of having one of the winged nuisances latching on to your skin can equal a heightened risk for disease. According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, mosquitoes are still notorious carriers of West Nile virus and the Zika virus…


APS at Southern Women’s Show in Birmingham

APS at Southern Women’s Show in Birmingham
Come see APS at the Southern Women’s Show in Birmingham October 5-8, at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex! Four days of shopping, food, and fun! Use this coupon for a $4 savings! We look forward to seeing you!

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Keeping the Bloodsuckers Away This Summer!

keeping the bloodsuckers away summer
During this rainy and humid time of year, many of us would simply rather stay inside than spend all summer striving to swat mosquitoes away. The South’s most notorious bloodsucker thrives during the wet, hot summer season—and bites from these winged monsters make our skin welt and itch. Worse still, mosquitoes carry potentially life-threatening diseases like the Zika virus and, quite frankly, they make our kiddos truly miserable. What should be a summer out of school for the kids often ends up being an endless few months spent applying ointment and trying to keep them from scratching their bites—no fun for anyone involved! However, thanks to Alabama Professional Services (APS)—Alabama’s best resource for protecting you and yours from buzzing villains—you can catch a break from the bloodsuckers this summer…
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News: Spring Should Be in Your Step, Not Your Hardwood Floors!

If you’ve noticed a soft spot in your floor—as in an area that seems to give when weight is placed upon it—it’s likely that your issue extends much further beyond that bounce. And more than just feeling weird and appearing unsightly, saggy areas on your floor can have unpleasant effects on the items in your home that you hold dear. For instance, that China cabinet with all of your grandmother’s Wedgwood can end up tilting, sliding, and even falling if left unchecked. That means heirlooms (and memories) obliterated—not to mention an unnecessary expense to replace the damaged pieces in time for your next holiday dinner…
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News: Alabama Professional Services featured on ABC News

Watch Alabama Professional Services on ABC 33/40. Vincent Winfrey (APS) discusses being in business for over 40 years running, pest control, termites and more.

Article: Spring Brings Bloodsuckers in Alabama. Here’s What You Can Do to Fight Back!

Checkout this article on Alabama Professional Services. This article talks about Mosquitoes in the Spring in Alabama, as well as a scary statistic: It’s estimated that 700,000 people worldwide are killed by mosquitoes each year. Read Full Article

Keeping Your Home in Tip-Top Shape During Swarm Season

alabama professional servicesRainy weather followed by warm, humid temps—sound familiar? In Alabama, it’s a near-constant state of being, especially during this time of year. Aside from the muggy air permeating your lungs and making you feel generally uncomfortable, this Deep South state of being is synonymous with termite swarm season.

Swarm season occurs in full force when a colony of termites reaches a certain size during humid months like March, April, May, and June. However, swarms can occur during unseasonably warm, wet months—making Alabama a prime candidate for early infestations. Swarmers found outdoors near tree stumps and railroad ties are not necessarily an indication that your house is infested, but they can mean that if the pests are close by, it’s only a matter of time before their feeding frenzy makes its way to your home. If you have found swarmers indoors, you have likely become the victim of a termite infestation.

In Birmingham, Alabama, termites cause more structural damage each year than floods, storms, and fires combined… Read Entire Article