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Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Irondale

Basement Waterproofing In Alabama Before And After - Alabama Professional ServicesIt’s too easy to overlook a building’s crawl space, but that can be a costly mistake. Just like any other part of a house or commercial building, this area will benefit from timely maintenance and repair. Alabama Professional Services can help with all of your crawl space needs.

Why Encapsulate?

Crawl spaces can be smelly and musty, even when no water-related issues are present. They can also have pest problems. Did you know that the air you breathe circulates through your home’s or business’s crawl space? In order to enjoy the healthiest indoor environment possible, it’s important to complete any needed crawl space repairs and then seal the space through encapsulation.

The process of encapsulation seals the area with a vapor barrier. Then the walls and joists are insulated. The final steps ensure everything is sealed tightly. Once sealing is done, the air can be conditioned or dehumidified, as needed, and the space can be used for storage or other purposes without having to worry about possible health concerns. A properly sealed crawl space means that you will breathe cleaner, healthier air, and your heating and cooling costs will go down.

Making Repairs

Encapsulation is not a trivial task. Each space is different, and an experienced, qualified technician should fully inspect the area before making recommendations. Sometimes repairs are needed. A thorough inspection will reveal issues such as pests, mold, excessive moisture, and leakage—problems that need to be addressed and fixed. The encapsulation process starts with cleaning the crawl space of debris and previous polyethylene that may exist in the crawl space. Technicians will grade where necessary for drainage installation. We will then fill any voids or holes in foundation walls including original vents with insulation and sealant. Encapsulation material is then installed on crawl space floors, walls, and masonry columns with mechanical fasteners. Special adhesive tape is used for sealing the seams and caulk is used at the top of the encapsulation liner to seal against the foundation wall.

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A dehumidification unit is highly recommended after encapsulation is installed. This unit is installed and set at the recommended dehumidification level to control relative humidity. The dehumidifier is also designed to filter air that it dehumidifies. This filter should be monitored, cleaned and replaced annually.

Sump Pump with EZ Flow pipe and its benefits

A sump pump system works to pump out water that might otherwise collect under the encapsulation liner. In places with a high water table or where flooding can occur, a properly installed sump pump sends water away from the building, thus avoiding problems that stem from moisture buildup and water pooling. Our system can also alert you to interior plumbing leaks.

Other Considerations

During an inspection, an experienced technician can let you know if there are signs of additional problems, such as termites. Alabama Professional Services can take measures to eliminate these issues. Contact us to handle all your crawl space repair, pest control, and waterproofing needs.