Basement Waterproofing

Aboveboard Service for your Basement.

Damp, musty, and humid… that’s just how basements are, right? In reality, any amount of moisture in your home’s lowest spaces represents a problem. Flooding issues small or large can damage your electric systems, rot wooden structure and a whole lot more.


Your statewide waterproofing professionals can also help collect basement water seepage at the wall-floor joints where it occurs naturally. The Guardian Interior Waterproofing System uses an ingenious network of channels to collect and direct seepage, rendering it harmless to your structure. DryShield® Waterproof Wall Panels offer yet another layer of defense from subterranean water. Attaching easily to existing basement walls, DryShield panels create a bright, clean, durable and dry surface.


Poor drainage around your property can also exacerbate expansive soil issues, which contribute to foundation damage. APS experts have an extensive range of tools to turn failing foundations around, including an array of Chance™-brand helical piers, tiebacks and anchors. These helical applications offset the load a foundation bears, shouldering the burdens your home’s original infrastructure no longer can. Additionally, APS is equipped to implement cost effective, non-obtrusive carbon fiber grids that are strong enough to halt structural damage and water seepage due to soil pressure.


Don’t let your basement get away with its old, wet ways anymore!

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