Waterproofing And Pest Control In Birmingham, AL

Located in Irondale, Alabama Professional Services, has been a family-owned business since 1977. We provide Crawl Space waterproofing and pest control services to residents of Birmingham, Shelby County, Alabaster, Pelham, Calera, and Chelsea, AL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crawl Space Waterproofing

1. Why does my Crawl Space need waterproofing?

Alabama temperatures and humidity vary greatly. Your crawl space and Crawl Space areas can accumulate moisture very quickly. A damp, leaky Crawl Space can result in property damage, mold, and unwanted insects.

2. What’s involved in Crawl Space waterproofing?

Like pieces of a puzzle, there are several steps to ensuring that your Crawl Space is protected against unwanted moisture. First, we will evaluate the perimeter of your house to be sure that the ground slopes away from the house. We will inspect your downspouts to ensure that they are clear of debris and that water is being discharged at a safe distance away from the house. We will also look for any plants or shrubs that are planted too close to the house. The next step is repairing any cracks in the Crawl Space wall, and then applying a waterproofer to the surface of the walls.

3. What if the moisture problem in my Crawl Space is out of control?

There are additional steps we can take if the moisture problem is severe. We will evaluate your Crawl Space and recommend that a sump be installed, if it’s needed. We have the option of installing a French drain, or perimeter drain, if the moisture problem is stubborn. We can also install waterproof clay around the foundation of your home, which absorbs water and protects your Crawl Space against moisture. No matter the severity of your moisture problem, Alabama Professional Services offers solutions that can protect your property against damage for years to come.

Pest Control

1. When should I call for professional pest control help?

Pests can be a year-round problem in Alabama, so pest control is a priority. In spring and summer, homeowners can encounter mosquitos, rats, roaches, and mice. In fall and winter pests typically include mice, spiders, flies, bed bugs, and ants.

2. How do you deal with pests?

Whether it’s a minor problem or a large-scale infestation, our experts will evaluate the problem and describe the various treatment options to you. We will also recommend steps to be taken, such as sealing up entry points around your house to keep the pests from returning.

3. What if larger pests like squirrels or raccoons are an issue?

Larger pests such as squirrels, raccoons, opossum, or bats can be unwelcome guests in your house. They can gain entry to your house, attic, chimney, or crawl space in search of food, water, or a safe place to breed. Following guidance from the Alabama Department of Conservation, our experts will humanely capture and remove these animals from your home, and repair any damage they leave behind.

Whatever your waterproofing or pest control needs may be, contact the experts at Alabama Professional Services in Irondale, AL.