Foundation Repair Services

Your Base of Support.

Sagging floors. Warped ceilings. Cracks in the molding, brick and concrete. They’re all warning signs of a crumbling foundation. Thankfully, APS is on call to stop cracks in their tracks. Our foundation repair professionals can assess any damage and develop a plan to put you and your family back on solid ground. More than one quarter of all homes in America rest on expansive soils, which are prone to damage your home’s foundation over time. APS experts have an extensive range of tools to turn failing foundations around, including an array of Chance™-brand helical piers, tiebacks and anchors. These helical applications offset the load a foundation bears, shouldering the burdens your home’s original infrastructure no longer can. Additionally, APS is equipped to implement cost effective, non-obtrusive carbon fiber grids that are strong enough to halt structural damage due to soil pressure.

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