Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation in Central Alabama

Crawl Space Repair- Irondale, AL- Alabama Professional ServicesIt’s easy to overlook your crawl space, but this can be a costly mistake. Just like every other part of a home or commercial building, this area benefits from regular maintenance and timely repair. Crawl space repair and encapsulation from Alabama Professional Services provides numerous benefits, including improved indoor air quality and prevention of floor support system failure.

Why Encapsulate?

Even when no water-related issues are present, crawl spaces can be smelly and musty. When water is present, this moisture can damage your floor joists and wreak havoc with your entire floor support system. Crawl spaces are also notorious for pest problems, especially termites. Plus, the air you breathe circulates through this crawl space. To help eliminate these issues and enjoy the healthiest indoor environment possible, we can complete crawl space repairs, then seal the space through encapsulation.

Health Concerns

You don’t have to go into your crawl space to be exposed to mold living there. The air in your crawl space is circulated through your home over time, bringing the toxic air with it. Exposure to crawl space mold can cause a variety of health problems ranging from coughing, wheezing, and eye irritation to problems such as obstructive lung disease.


Each crawl space is different, so one of our experienced, qualified technicians fully inspects the area before making recommendations. Sometimes a crawl space repair is needed before we can proceed with encapsulation. A thorough inspection may reveal issues such as pests, mold, excessive moisture, leakage and/or rotting floor supports. All problems must be addressed and fixed.


The encapsulation process begins with cleaning out debris and previous polyethylene from the crawl space. Our technicians grade where necessary for drainage installation, then fill any voids or holes in foundation walls and joists with insulation and sealant. We seal the area with a heavy-duty vapor barrier installed on the floors, walls and masonry columns with mechanical fasteners. Seams are sealed with special adhesive tape and caulk is used at the top of the encapsulation liner to seal it against the foundation wall. Once everything is tightly sealed, the air can be conditioned or dehumidified, as needed. A properly sealed crawl space means you’ll breathe cleaner, healthier air, and your heating and cooling costs will go down.

Other Considerations

A dehumidification unit is highly recommended after encapsulation to control relative humidity. The dehumidifier is also designed to filter the air. Monitor, clean and replace dehumidifier filters annually. In places with high water tables or probable flooding issues, we can install a sump pump system to pull water away from the building that might otherwise collect under the encapsulation liner.

Contact Alabama Professional Services at 205-951-9717 for a free crawl space inspection. Don’t hesitate! Let our experienced technicians handle all your crawl space repair, pest control and waterproofing needs.

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