Flood Control in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Irondale

Smart Vent Flood Vents- Irondale, AL- Alabama Professional Services
Alabama Professional Services can provide homeowners with flood vents, which prevent water pressure from building up in the home and potentially destroying the walls as well as the foundation. Smart Vent installation and waterproofing can greatly reduce flood damage for residential or commercial property.

FEMA Regulations

The installation of a flood vent is required for residential buildings that have been constructed in Flood Zone Type A areas and do not have the means of elevating their lowest floor above Base Flood Elevation. FEMA has introduced flood insurance rate increases for houses in Alabama that do not adhere to their standards of flood vent compliance. Alabama commercial property owners have the choice of wet flood proofing, which is a cost-effective alternative to dry flood proofing.

Smart Vent Advantages

Smart Vents can be installed on newly constructed foundations as well as existing basements. Waterproofing with Smart Vents provides five times more protection with fewer vents, preserving the appearance of the property. With a wide selection, different models can be used for any type of property.

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