Floor Support In Alabama

Uneven or sagging floors isn’t just a cosmetic problem; it’s a safety issue. Your home’s floor support system was designed to hold a large amount of weight. Should this system weaken due to unstable soil, poor design, waterproofing issues or termite damage, your support columns settle and/or your floor joists sag. Let the professionals at Alabama Professional Services install floor supports to put your floors back into their original position. Mom and son sitting on the floor- Irondale, AL- Alabama Professional Services

Signs Of Floor Problems

Changes in heat or humidity, moisture buildup, improper water drainage and termites or other wood-boring pests can cause your home’s original floor supports to deteriorate over time. The result is an uneven floor that may no longer be strong enough to bear the weight of everything it holds. Some signs your floors are sagging include:

• Gaps between the floor and wall
• Soft spots in the floor
• Cracked floor tiles
• Floor humps
• Jamming of interior doors
• Squeaky floors
• Wavy or bouncy floors

The problem is almost always found in the crawl space between your home and its foundation where the floor support system has weakened and is beginning to sag.

A Common Problem

In a crawl space, piers are placed below the support beams to support the beam and the floor components. Floor joists between these beams support the sub-floor and your home. Any part of this floor system can fail and cause uneven floors. We assess your situation and determine the exact cause of your sagging floors. This ensures we provide the solution that fully addresses the problem.

A typical foundation built with a crawl space between it and the floor of your home is supported by the home’s perimeter walls and a post-and-beam support system extending down the center of the crawl space. It’s more common for this center support system to settle and result in sagging.

How We Fix It

Our solution is heavy-duty floor support jacks that allow us to push your sagging floor back to the original level and stabilize the floor. Best of all, these jacks can easily be adjusted in the future if necessary. We also can perform crawl space repair and encapsulation to prevent moisture from softening your floor joists. Plus, foundation repair to raise the floor system to the desired elevation and install steel columns for permanent floor support.
When you notice your floors sagging, you can’t afford to put off repair. We’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to fit your specific needs. Contact Alabama Professional Services at 205-951-9717 for a free estimate today!