Reliable Foundation Repair and Floor Support Anywhere in Alabama

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Alabama Professional Services is a family-owned business that gives you small-business care but is large enough to serve all of Alabama. In addition to our pest control and lawn care services, we also provide foundation repair. Our longevity in the business makes us a reliable choice for your home care needs.

What Are the Signs of Foundation Problems?

How do you know if your home needs foundation repair? Since you can’t see the foundation itself, you have to rely on other signs to determine if there is trouble. Signs may include:

• Doors and windows that don’t close all the way or have separated from the walls
• Floors that bulge or sag, are uneven, or have cracks, are warped and cupped (hardwoods)
• Warped ceilings
• Cracks in brick or other walls
• Displaced or cracked trim and moldings
• Separation between walls and ceiling or floor

How Do We Repair Your Foundation?

We professionally assess and inspect floor framing elevations and construction type. APS will then make recommendations and provide an installation proposal to correct sagging floors, deficient framing issues and/or damaged floor systems.

Such repair proposals may require installation methods involving excavation of soil to install steel reinforced concrete footings. Steel columns are then customer manufactured by APS to be installed and anchored to concrete footings. These columns are designed to support either existing floor girder systems or it may be necessary to install midspan girders as additional support to the existing floor framing. Additional girders may be constructed of multiple dimensional lumber or steel I-beams.

Once concrete footings have been installed, hydraulic jacks are used to raise the floor system to desired elevations. APS will monitor the lifting process. Steel columns are then installed and attached to girders for permanent support.

If you suspect you are in need of foundation repair, call Alabama Professional Services at (205) 951-9717, or fill out our online form. We will provide you with a free estimate and help you come up with a comprehensive plan that is individualized for your needs. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse, get help today!

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