Comprehensive Lawn Care in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Irondale

If your yard needs a complete makeover, has a nasty pest problem, or is overgrown with weeds, Alabama Professional Services can help you find greener grass. We are a family owned business that has grown large enough to serve the entirety of our great state, but we pay attention to the important details and listen to our customers. We set our bar the highest when it comes to lawn care, starting with an in-depth evaluation that we use to prepare a personalized comprehensive plan so that your lawn’s year-long needs can be our concern.

Lawn Evaluations: What We Want to Know

There is more to the health of your yard than meets the eye. Everything about how you use your lawn (and how often) can affect the overall well-being of the grass. The soil has its own conditions to be considered, such as the nutrients found in your area or whether or not certain pests are sustaining themselves underneath. All of these factors—even the specific type of grass grown there—are things we take special note of in order to create a specified, comprehensive treatment and ongoing care of your lawn.

Lawn Plans: What We Do for You

We take what we learn from inspecting the yard and develop individually tailored care plans. According to the condition of the yard, we provide your soil and grass with special fertilizations and pre-emergent treatments up to six times a year. It is our job to use our resources year round so that you can have a professional lawn treatment without needing to have the expertise yourself. With that in mind, we aim to protect your lawn from what you might not see coming.

Lawn Protection: Weeds, Insects, and Other Pests

Staying proactive about yard health means knowing what is possible, what to do about it, and how to do it. As part of our comprehensive treatments, we take care of all of the above. Even with a healthy lawn, your home could be invaded by termites, moles, or even overrun by unwanted and unsightly weeds as seasons change. Our care plans go beyond the soil and grass and into protection from outside forces that naturally degrade the quality of your lawn.

Enjoying your lawn to its maximum potential is impossible with fleas and mosquitoes ravaging it. Worse about fleas is that they’ll be tough to eradicate once they make their way into your home. That is why we offer services to remove these nuisances from your lawn.

Lawn and Beyond: Trust in Us

Our company provides more than just the care of your lawn. We are available to provide you with crawlspace and termite damage repair, waterproofing, and home improvement consultations so that we can help you even when we aren’t at your home. If you suspect your home might already be host to unwanted visitors, or if you want to know how we can improve the health of your lawn, get a free estimate on your home evaluation now.