Show your winter grass

In wintertime, as the temps continue dropping, most of us are trying to think of excuses for staying out of the great outdoors. Whether you blame it on having a Southerner’s ultra-thin blood or simply consider yourself a summer person, in Alabama we tend to not take too kindly to these dark midwinter months. Even though the grass is looking a little browner these days and you haven’t had to roll out the lawnmower since back in November, your lawn requires some serious love. In fact, now is the perfect time to ready the yard up for brighter days to come. Here are 3 lawn care tips not to miss in winter:

Unshorn grass = rodent haven

So you mayyyyy have skimped on doing that last big mow to get the grass way down before the winter struck. If this is the case, you may have developed some new, living lawn ornaments. Varmints like field mice and other burrowing animals search for warmth in the winter, and an unshorn lawn makes for the perfect spot for these rodents to nestle in. Their constant presence in your yard creates dead, brown spots that can leave your lawn appearing patchy once fresh growth commences. Fortunately, you can contact Alabama Professional Services (APS) to handle your light weight here! If you’ve noticed digging nuisances like mice ruining your home’s curb appeal, the knowledgeable team behind APS’ Creature Catcher services will not only remove the threat of these unwanted guests, they’ll take all the necessary steps to keep them away.

Keeping the yard clear and unobscured

So you’ve done everything right in preparation for the cold. The grass was cut down while we still had some 65-and-sunny days, and now you’re patiently (or perhaps not-so-patiently) counting down the weeks until spring breathes fresh life into your corner of the world. Now is the time of year when, unfortunately, you’ll spend much time wishing—not only for warmer weather and more hours of sunshine, but also that the leaves would JUST. STOP. FALLING. Sure, it was cute to watch the kiddos jump into those first few piles, but now it’s just getting ridiculous. While it may be tempting to leave those dead leaves be, it’s important to get them up to keep moisture from collecting beneath. Any spots left covered by leaves can end up susceptible to fungus that is certain to leave your lawn appearing spotty once new growth begins. If you’re over raking your yard, give yourself a break by contacting the lawn care specialists at APS. With over 40 years of experience in making homes the very best they can be (which translates to you living your best, most comfortable life at your place of respite!) through lawn care service, general repair, pest control, and even crawl space encapsulation, this local family-owned and operated business is proud to offer an array of lawn care and maintenance services suitable for your unique needs! Leave the raking, bagging, and removing leaves to an Alabama Professional!

Pre-emergent care is a preemptive strike against weeds

You may not be able to see them, but weeds are out there just waiting to spring up in the spring! Pre-emergent lawn care is your preemptive attack against stopping unwanted growth like crabgrass, bluegrass, sorrel varieties, and the dreaded burweed (stickers!) from peppering your lawn. Pre-emergent weed control uses products that are designed to work before a plant germinates in early spring. For difficult annual weeds, multiple applications may be required—first at the start of the spring and then at carefully timed intervals as secondary flushes of germination come on as the seasons progress. For these pesky and often prickly weeds, Alabama Professional Services offers an eight-month, comprehensive lawn care service strategy. During this time of year, the team at APS places a pre-emergent granule treatment in your yard, which creates a barrier that smothers the weed seeds before they have an opportunity to flourish. As the seasons progress, different phases of the treatment will be enacted to ensure that once spring rolls around, your yard will be lushly green and looking great!

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