Creature Catchers – Wildlife Removal and Relocation


Opossum- Irondale, AL- Alabama Professional Services
Many of the same animals we enjoy watching on a nature hike in the woods can cause expensive and serious damage to homes and businesses. Squirrels in the attic shred insulation and chew through electrical wiring and exterior facias. Raccoons and opossums disturb garbage cans and can gain access to your home and crawl spaces in search of food, water or a place to breed.

Alabama Professional Services’ Creature Catchers© program is the answer for an animal that is outside the safety of its own natural environment – and endangering the health and safety of yours. Our professionals are specially trained in the removal of squirrels, raccoons, possums, bats and other wildlife from your home. We strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Alabama Department of Conservation for the humane capture and relocation of animals. APS also repairs damages caused by nuisance wildlife.

Creature Catchers© helps protect our environment.