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Whether you’re dealing with a current roach problem or trying to prevent one, Alabama Professional Services can help. When it comes to roaches, it’s best to leave the extermination to the experts. This is because roaches have been known to cause a variety of problems for your home and health, including food contamination and serious bacterial diseases.

APS has served commercial and residential customers since 1977 with roach removal and other Alabama pest control services throughout the state. As a member of the National Pest Management Association, we take pride in the safe and effective removal of roaches from customers’ homes and places of business.

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Roaches tend to appear where there’s food, water and shelter. If you have leaky pipes, open garbage containers and a warm environment, preventative action is critical. This is especially important for Alabama homeowners and businesses, since roaches typically like the warm climate of southern states.
If an infestation has already occurred, our trained and licensed technicians can provide year-round treatment and removal. We use only the highest-quality products that the industry has to offer, ensuring prompt and reliable service. After reviewing your situation and identifying the species, we’ll recommend a custom treatment plan to help eradicate all roaches from the premises.

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Dealing with pests can be a challenging and frustrating experience. Bring in Alabama Professional Services to eliminate the stress of roach infestations with our highly trained team, top-notch customer service and effective solutions. Just send us a message or call us at 205-538-2743 to receive your free, no-obligation roach removal estimate.