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EZflow Gravel Free Drainage System

The EZflow Gravel Free system makes use of innovative materials to solve your basement or crawlspace’s drainage issues. EZflow Poly-Rock and a unique geotextile mesh combine to form a durable, crush-proof product with a 100-year lifespan! APS can show you how effective EZflow can be.

RainChute & LawnScape Outlets

Gutters are a necessity on any home, but too often they don’t go far enough to move water an appropriate distance away from your foundation. Pipes can be affixed to your downspouts, but their terminal points usually leave ugly hazards in your yard. Enter LawnScape outlets, an easy to maintain, low profile water dispersion fitting. Lawnscape is made of durable, dark-green material that blends in with its surroundings and presents no lawn care hazard.

For an affordable open-air solution, the RainChute product is a must-have for any homeowner. RainChute is a trough recessed approximately one inch into the ground that is capable of moving water up to 7 feet away from your downspout (and your foundation). With RainChute buried below the grade of your lawn, you’ll never have to worry about cheap, clumsy outlets being redirected, tripping your family members, or presenting a lawn care obstacle. Talk to APS about getting water away from foundation today.

Bulldog Gutter Guard

The Bulldog Gutter Guard is designed to keep you off of the ladder and everything but water out of your gutters. An American-made aluminum insert is cut to fit your gutter with virtually no overhang. The Bulldog system can keep your gutters clean and extend their life with added structural integrity. Talk to an APS expert about bringing Bulldog to your home.

Basement Systems Pop-Up Drains

Pop-Up Drains from Basement Systems provide are ideal terminal points for subterranean water dispersal solutions. This product’s spring-loaded drain heads only open once the necessary water level and accompanying pressure are great enough. Minimal exposure and a sleek profile reduce the chances of system compromise and obstruction of your lawn. APS can help you disperse water away from your foundation with Pop-Up Drains–reach out!