Waterproof Wall Paneling

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DryShield paneling secures easily to existing basement walls to create a new, clean and durable surface. DryShield panels cover wall leakage, seepage and discoloration, actively channeling water that enters through old walls down into your interior waterproofing system. Bright, cost effective DryShield surfaces can be cut to fit around windows and utilities, adding an attractive finished look that potential buyers value in a home’s ground floor level.

DryShield is anchored with several types of proprietary moldings, including a 96-inch joiner and an outside corner molding, which support and guide the system’s robust panels around your existing structure. Inside corner and end cap moldings further serve to create a seamless barrier resistant to the detrimental effects of lingering moisture.

The Advantages of using DryShield

  • Prevent water seeping into your walls
  • Create a clean-cut look for the walls in your basement
  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment for your home or business
  • Prevent mildew or mold forming on your walls and floors