Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Company in Alabama.

Damp, musty, and humid… that’s just how basements are, right?

In reality, any amount of moisture in your home’s lowest space represents a problem. Flooding issues small or large can damage your electric systems, rot wooden structures and a cause a whole lot more damage. So when it comes to water damage in your basement or crawl space, Alabama Professional Services has the solution you need to fix “at or below grade” water issues.

APS applies our common sense approach to resolving issues with cracks in concrete foundations, downspout drains, sump pumps, and yard drainage problems. APS offers solutions for all crawl space problems including rodents, odors, cleanup, and mold/mildew. Permanently seal your crawlspace with our Crawlspace Encapsulation system.

If you are tired of dealing with water, moisture damage to your basement or crawl space, and you are ready to get your basement waterproofing needs resolved, contact APS today for your free estimate!