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Encapsulation System

For every day you take comfort in it, your home is exposed to countless threats. Water, mold, and pests are all vying to occupy your space–your crawlspace to be specific. A CleanSpace encapsulation system keeps them all at bay. Rely on CleanSpace’s durable polyethylene blends to seal this critically vulnerable area of your home from invading spores, squatters, and condensation. A sealed crawlspace can increase your indoor air quality, make future maintenance a breeze, and deter the rot and must so often associated with crawlspaces.

CleanSpace Liner

The CleanSpace liner is your front line of crawlspace protection. Heavy-duty 20-millimeter polyethylene securely and permanently isolates your home from the earth. Cleanspace manufactures this supremely durable material with UltraFresh, an antimicrobial additive. Once installed, the CleanSpace liner creates a secure, clean barrier that transforms your crawlspace. Contact APS to learn more.

CleanSpace Light Liner

The CleanSpace Light liner is designed to work in tandem with other CleanSpace solutions, like Drainage Matting and TerraBlock products, to achieve results uniquely suited to your situation. Cleanspace manufactures this 10-millimeter polyethylene blend with the same UltraFresh antimicrobial additive found in the standard 20-millimeter liner. Ask our experts how CleanSpace Light can save you energy and help solve your drainage problems. Reach out to learn about dual layers of protection.

Drainage Matting

Every subterranean space is different, but drainage concerns are always a top priority. The CleanSpace Encapsulation System can adapt to your situation with specially engineered Drainage Matting. The Matting’s design allows water to flow safely while adding durability, puncture resistance, and a thermal break to your System. Ask an APS representative for more about this CleanSpace innovation.

Butyl Tape

Butyl tape is an adhesive alternative to mechanical fasteners like nails, washers and screws. Butyl rubber sticks firmly to the application surface, securing products like CleanSpace polyethylene liner to existing masonry. APS Professionals can tell you more about how butyl tape can hold your crawlspace’s protections in place.

TerraBlock Foam Insulation

If your energy bills are sky-high, there’s a chance all that money is going straight into the ground. Windows and doors are often at the top of the list when homeowners decide to insulate, but many don’t realize that an earthen crawlspace is just one more escape for your indoor air. TerraBlock’s ¾-inch foam insulation includes a double vapor barrier, insulating your crawlspace’s floor and saving you money. Turn to APS for your crawlspace insulation!

SilverGlo Wall Insulation

SilverGlo panels look different from typical wall insulation because they are different. This CleanSpace technology uses the power of graphite to significantly reduce the material’s heat conductivity. SilverGlo’s radiant barrier also reflects heat back into your crawlspace when needed, making it your ultimate energy-saving solution. Ask an APS expert about bringing SilverGlo into your home.UltraSump Battery Back-Up System

UltraSump Battery Back-Up System

The UltraSump Battery Back-Up System means peace of mind for anyone with basement waterproofing issues. If your primary pump fails to operate due to a power outage, this DC pump will automatically engage to take on the load. The UltraSump System includes an automatic switching system, a smart charging system, and a high-quality 120-amp battery. Put yourself at ease with an UltraSump backup from APS.