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SaniDry XP Upright Model

The SaniDry XP Upright dehumidifier is up to ten times more powerful than a typical in-home dehumidifier, yet it uses the same amount of energy. This marriage of functionality and efficiency can effectively treat the air in basements or crawlspaces greater than 40” high. Trust APS to safely and securely bring SaniDry technology to your home!

Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier

The Aprilaire 1850F dehumidifier is a high-capacity whole-home solution capable of removing up to 95 pints of moisture per day from a maximum space of 3,000 sq. ft. Tucked away in a basement, crawlspace, or utility closet, the 1850F’s power is applied quietly, keeping your air comfortable and healthy without disrupting your daily life. Easy to use controls and minimal annual maintenance make the 1850F a well-rounded solution for most homeowners. Contact APS to learn more!

Aprilaire 1870F Dehumidifier

The rigorously tested, Energy Star-certified Aprilaire 1870F is a dehumidification solution of superior power, reliability, and discretion. Boasting a 5-year warranty and a corrosion-resistant e-coated coil, the 1870F model is capable of removing up to 130 pints of air moisture per day. An APS expert can bring the 1870F’s whisper-quiet performance to your home! Call today.