Foundation Repair Services

Fight back with APS’s entire range of foundation repair services

Alabama Professional Services provides expert foundation repair for all types of foundation problems. No homeowner wants to deal with a foundation problem, especially since many people associate foundation repair with expensive and invasive projects. However, correctly identifying a foundation problem before it becomes too severe is the key to limiting the scope of the damage.

At APS, our foundation repair experts are trained to carefully evaluate all aspects of your foundation to identify any problems and the correct source of the damage. Whether you have a problem with your foundation walls, slab floor, or any other issues, we have a custom solution designed to suit your needs.

If you’ve see any signs of foundation damage. APS offers a free estimate on all our foundation repair services throughout the Birmingham Metro area.

Settling Foundations

Fix a settling foundation

There’s much more to the earth underfoot than meets the eye. Even the most well constructed projects are no match for the havoc a shifting layer of subsoil can wreak. APS is proud to offer products that transfer the load of your foundation to deeper, more stable soils, shoring up your home’s base of support. Learn more about our foundation settlement solutions now.

Sagging Crawlspaces

Fix a sagging crawlspace

There are multiple reasons crawlspace floor supports may begin to sag. Wear, rot, settlement, or construction errors are the usual suspects. Stuck doors, sinking floors and cracking drywall are the unmistakable symptoms. Regardless of the cause, the end results are always the same: damage to your home and discomfort for you. Trust APS to uplift your crawlspace with products that strategically correct your space’s specific sag. When it comes to your crawlspace, even a small shift can become a big problem down the road.

Foundation Wall Cracks

Repair a foundation wall crack

The fact of the matter is that not all cracks are created equal. An APS expert can help you to distinguish whether cracks in your foundation walls are indicative of a major structural issue, or if they’re simply by-products of the concrete curing process. Trust our professionals; your foundation is too important to assume any issue is benign. Cracks formed by settlement or expansive soil pressure can and should be remedied as quickly as possible. If you notice symptoms like a tilt in your chimney, cracked drywall, or sticky doors and windows, it’s time to Call the Shield for a lasting solution.

Floor Cracks

Repair a floor crack

Going up? Going down? Either way, your concrete floor is headed for trouble. Cracks and unevenness in your concrete are calling cards of soil that’s either sinking or heaving upwards. Such cracks may also be symptomatic of foundation settlement.

Heaving, sinking, and settlement are all one-way tickets to severe damage to your structure. Trust Alabama Professional Services to turn your building around! Our experts can identify which forces are acting on your concrete and develop a solution tailored to fit your situation. Don’t let those cracks grow an inch larger. See all the Shield can do for you now!

Uneven Floors

Even out uneven floors

Where floors begin to shift, inconvenience comes home to roost. Jamming doors, stuck windows, and nonfunctional locks are just the beginning of troubles stemming from an uneven floor slab. There’s an array of reasons your flooring may fall out of its intended alignment. Rotted framing, floor joist issues, or expansive soils could all be to blame. APS professionals are equipped to I.D. the culprit, and then implement a solution that’s right for your home.

Heaving Foundations

Repair a heaving foundation

Settlement due to sinking soils is bad enough for a foundation, but some don’t realize that the problem is a two-way street. Expansive soils caused by natural phenomena like frost, silt saturation, and more may be the reason you notice cracks in your slab floor, drywall, and even exterior walls. While simple floor and drywall repairs can conceal the damage in the short term, these quick aesthetic fixes only mask what may be a much more serious, long-term problem. Put your home in the hands of experts who can help you create a plan of attack to tamp down expansive soils in the long run. Explore APS’ unique solutions for foundation heave now.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Fix a sticking window or door

We’ve all been there–try as you might, a sticky door or window refuses to budge. “Inconvenient” doesn’t do the problem justice, as those jamming doors and windows are often an indication of underlying structural issues. As many as a third of American homes are built upon soils prone to expansion or settlement. When soil starts moving, it’s bad news for foundations. Don’t live with the nuisance of sticky doors and windows; gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s foundation rests on solid ground. Learn more about how APS can help.

Tilting Chimney

Repair a tilting chimney

Home and hearth: the two are inseparable. At least ideally. In the real world, though, chimney foundations are often smaller, detached slabs independent of the rest of the home’s foundation. These smaller bases of support are much more vulnerable to subterranean soil shifts. Occasionally, a perfect storm of conditions can detach the entire chimney from the rest of the home, creating a hazard for occupants and a severe point of structural failure for the entire house. Thankfully, APS is prepared to step in with an entire line of anchoring products capable of righting a tilting chimney before it poses an even greater threat to your family.

Collapsing Retaining Wall

Repair a collapsing wall

Retaining walls are elements of a property that often go unnoticed. While you wouldn’t normally think twice about these functional features, you’ll definitely notice if yours happens to fail. Anything from improper footing design to poor concrete to weak rebar can push a retaining wall over the edge. Luckily, an ounce of prevention can extend the life of your wall without an expensive, messy rebuild. Contact APS today to learn more about how products like wall anchoring systems can safely and effectively strengthen your retaining wall!