CHANCE® Products

Proudly made in America since 1912


They’re all warning signs of a crumbling foundation. Expansive soil, poor soil density, improper maintenance, or faulty construction could be to blame for your foundation problem. Thankfully, APS is on call to stop cracks in their tracks. Our foundation repair professionals can assess any damage and develop a plan to put you and your family back on solid ground.

APS is equipped to turn failing foundations around with CHANCE products. Since 1912, the CHANCE product family has been the world’s leading brand of foundation repair solutions. Proudly manufactured in America’s Heartland, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) provides a network of certified, trained professionals to ensure quality and peace of mind that each project will be done right the first time. The CHANCE Alliance Network includes more than 1,300 CHANCE Certified Installers in over 400 installer locations throughout North America. These professionals provide an engineering based solution backed by the most experienced, manufacturer in the industry.

It’s that simple. When a CHANCE Certified Installer resolves your foundation issues, there is no need to worry again. CHANCE’s 30-year limited warranty backs every product that takes the weight of your home.

Your property’s structural integrity should never be relegated to wait-and-see status.