Helical Piles

American Made

CHANCE helical piles are an American-made deep foundation system. A central shaft transfers structural load to the soil via helical bearing plates. All components of the helical pile are made with high quality mill traceable steel. Helical piles can be applied in places traditional deep foundation technologies can’t be, including areas with low headroom, limited access, and areas with high water tables. CHANCE helical piles leverage the loadbearing capacity of stable subsoil strata, hydraulically shifting the weight of your home to these minimally invasive steel helices and brackets. APS offers CHANCE piles in the Square Shaft (SS) and Round Shaft (RS) series. The SS series is available from 1 ¼-inch to 2 ¼-inch sizes. The RS series is available from 2 ⅞ -inch to 4 ½-inch sizes. An SS-RS combination is also available for specialized soil conditions.

Segments or sections are joined with bolted couplings. Installation depth is limited only by soil density and economic practicality. A helical bearing plate or helix is one pitch of a screw thread. All helices, regardless of their diameter, have a standard 3-inch pitch. Being a true helical shape, the helices do not auger into the soil. Rather, they screw into the earth with minimal soil disturbance. Helical plates are spaced at distances far enough apart that they function independently as individual bearing elements; consequently, the capacity of a particular helix on a helical anchor/pile shaft is not influenced by the helix above or below it.

CHANCE Helical Piles can also be used in tandem with Atlas Resistance Piers to increase structural support. For exterior remediation, underpinning brackets offer support the load of the structure and transfer that to the anchoring system.