CHANCE® Helical Tiebacks

American Made

Avoid common construction problems like spoils removal, de-watering, and grout cure time with temporary or permanent barriers supported by CHANCE-brand helical tieback anchors. Hot-dip galvanization provides superior corrosion protection to help ensure load-bearing tiebacks resist aggressive soils and high water tables.

APS offers CHANCE Helical Tieback anchors in the following varieties:

¾-inch Round Corner Square Shaft
½-inch Round Corner Square Shaft
¾-inch Round Corner Square Shaft

CHANCE uses only high quality new, mill traceable steel, meaning you can have confidence in your sheet pile wall, bulkhead, concrete reinforced wall, precast concrete panel wall, or multi-tier tieback wall. Easy installation and no waiting for materials to cure make CHANCE products ideal for your residential or commercial construction.