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It’s not just about Bugs anymore

Rats, Mice & rodents can become a huge problem once they’ve taken hold and started breeding in a home. Sometimes, you don’t even notice you have a rodent problem until it’s too late. If you see a rat, mouse or rodent, it is vital to contact a professional immediately to assess the situation. If you see one, there will quickly be several more once its friends and family come to join it. Rats, mice & rodents carry bacteria that can lead to diseases. They contaminate your food, and can cause people to jump up on chairs and sway them with brooms.

Leave rats and mice to APS experts! We’re equipped to treat common pests like Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice. Our proven strategic implementation of traps and bait boxes will eliminate these vectors for fleas, germs and feces from your property. Then, our professionals will follow-up to confirm successful elimination and reset your property’s defenses. Opt for up to 3 months of follow-up treatments for total peace of mind that your home or business is no longer a haven for rats and mice. Alabama Professional, the best rodent, rat and mouse pest control company servicing Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, and Huntsville, Alabama.