Cockroach & German Cockroach Exterminator Pest Control

Alabama Professional Services is always prepared to rid you of roaches. The two most common varieties in the contiguous U.S. are German and American roaches. While there are slight differences between them, the issue for property owners is that they’re both robust household pests infamous for spreading disease and distress.

APS’ roach control plan can be readily scaled to suit your property’s size and the severity of your infestation. Interior and exterior treatments along with baiting, dusting and specialized crack and crevice attention are all part of the arsenal in our four-treatment plan with 30-day follow-ups. It’s not just us being thorough. It’s our way of doing right by you the first time around. Alabama Professional, the best cockroach & german cockroach exterminator pest control company servicing Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, and Huntsville, Alabama.