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Keeping the Bloodsuckers Away This Summer!

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During this rainy, humid time of year, many of us would simply rather stay inside than spend all summer striving to swat mosquitoes away. The South’s most notorious bloodsucker thrives during the wet, hot summer season—and bites from these winged monsters make our skin welt and itch. Worse still, mosquitoes carry potentially life-threatening diseases like the Zika virus and, quite frankly, they make our kiddos truly miserable. What should be a summer out of school for the kids often ends up being an endless few months spent applying ointment and trying to keep them from scratching their bites—no fun for anyone involved! However, thanks to Alabama Professional Services (APS)—Alabama’s best resource for protecting you and yours from buzzing villains—you can catch a break from the bloodsuckers this summer!

First, it’s important to know that while stagnant water serves as a cesspool for mosquitoes to multiply, there are other culprits lurking at home can be responsible for mosquito influxes. Just as we see plenty of rainstorms in Alabama during the summer months, our region can also be susceptible to long, dry spells. Dormant or drought-stressed summer lawns can be more susceptible to insect infestations, such as fire ants, fleas, and—yep, you guessed it—mosquitoes. To keep your lawn from becoming a hotbed for uninvited guests, APS is proud to offer comprehensive lawn care service. This eight-month-long, personalized service includes an extra pre-emergent treatment each year and an exclusive aeration treatment which involves perforating the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, resulting in a good-looking yard you’ll be proud to have the kids playing in. As part of this comprehensive strategy to creating a stronger, more vibrant lawn, during July APS works to fertilize your yard with expert precision. A lush yard not only looks better, it can keep those bug invaders at bay.

While minor infestations can take care of themselves, severe problems of the creepy, crawly variety are definitely a job for the professionals. If your infiltration has gotten out of hand, quality mosquito control is needed, which is precisely where APS comes in again! APS offers a variety of options for mosquito reduction and will create an effective strategy based on your unique situation. As licensed and trained pest control professionals, the APS team has years of experience eliminating mosquitoes from many local properties in Birmingham and throughout Alabama. Even on short notice, APS is able to tackle whatever mosquito woes you’re facing. Not only will they work to keep your family safe, the APS team strives to work quickly with minimal disruptions to your family’s routine. The summer should be fun, after all!

Locally owned and operated, APS professionals care about the people of Alabama and seek to make every family they work with as comfortable in their homes as they deserve to be. Alabama Professional Services is dedicated to providing quality customer service, using the best products and practices available in the industry. As members of the National Pest Management Association, APS adheres to the highest standards in safety and quality in all of the work they do. Forget those fly-by-night businesses—with 40 years of pest control service and over 20 years of home improvement service, when you “Call the Shield,” you call upon folks dedicated to quality. Make this summer (and all the ones to follow) full of outdoor fun. Stop hiding from those mosquitoes once and for all! Call the Shield today to set up your FREE estimate! For more information about the skilled work Alabama Professional Services can offer to help make your home better than ever, visit today!

News: Spring Should Be in Your Step, Not Your Hardwood Floors!

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In childhood, many of us loved things that bounced—trampolines, inflatable houses at birthday parties, even the rubber balls that cost just a quarter out of the grocery store machine and would launch sky-high! In adulthood, our tastes have refined when it comes to what we like to see bounce—our hair should be lustrous and bouncy and certainly we want that cushiony softness in our skin. However, one thing that should never take on that springy quality is our hardwood floors.

If you’ve noticed a soft spot in your floor—as in an area that seems to give when weight is placed upon it—it’s likely that your issue extends much further beyond that bounce. And more than just feeling weird and appearing unsightly, saggy areas on your floor can have unpleasant effects on the items in your home that you hold dear. For instance, that China cabinet with all of your grandmother’s Wedgwood can end up tilting, sliding, and even falling if left unchecked. That means heirlooms (and memories) obliterated—not to mention an unnecessary expense to replace the damaged pieces in time for your next holiday dinner.

Often times a bouncy or sagging floor is the result of improper floor support. Luckily, the experienced, knowledgeable team at Alabama Professional Services (APS) is well-versed in getting to the root of the problem. And “root” is appropriate as many unsupported floors must be dealt with on a foundational level. By using APS for your drooping floors, you are calling in reinforcements to reinforce the very surface you stand upon!

APS’ team of driven floor fixers will professionally assess and inspect floor framing elevations and construction types. After the inspection process, they provide recommendations and offer an installation proposal to correct sagging floors, deficient framing issues, and/or damaged floor systems.

Repair proposals may require installation methods involving excavation of soil to install steel reinforced concrete footings—all in an effort to help regain steady footing on the floors of your home! APS then custom manufactures steel columns (based on your home’s specific needs) to be installed and anchored to concrete footings. Just as the APS team makes it their mission to provide you with the best possible support from start to finish, these columns are designed to support either existing floor girder systems or new ones. Once concrete footings have been installed, hydraulic jacks are used to raise the floor system to desired elevations—all based on what your unique home requires. And every inch of the lifting process is monitored and overseen by APS professionals to ensure the lift goes smoothly. As the final step, steel columns are installed and attached to girders for permanent support you can count on to last. The bouncing will be left to your child’s trampoline and the pep in your step when you feel the difference in your newly APS-reinforced floors!

If you’ve noticed sagging or bouncy floors, call Alabama Professional Services at (205) 951-9717, or fill out the online form. APS will provide you with a free estimate and develop a comprehensive plan completely individualized for your needs. Take the bounce out of your house today by visiting

News: Alabama Professional Services featured on ABC News

Watch Alabama Professional Services on ABC 33/40. Vincent Winfrey (APS) discusses being in business for over 40 years running, pest control, termites and more.

Article: Spring Brings Bloodsuckers in Alabama. Here’s What You Can Do to Fight Back!

alabama professional aps call the sheild After a weird winter that waffled between freezing and strangely warm, spring is finally here. The days have stretched longer, the breeze has picked up, flowers are coming into full bloom—and while this weather feels lovely, our unofficial Alabama state bird is destined to rear its ugly little head now that the temps are going up.

That’s right, folks, the winged jerks better known as mosquitoes are coming in hot. And they’re out for blood.

Mosquitoes are more than pests, though. They’re killers. In fact, it’s estimated that 700,000 people worldwide are killed by mosquitoes each year. Linked to a variety of diseases and known carriers of West Nile and the Zika virus, a bite from a mosquito can often result in a much larger problem than an itchy bump. In Alabama, with right around 60 species flitting about once the weather warms up, we face a particularly daunting threat when it comes to these vampiric creatures.

Mosquitoes thrive in warm temperatures and lay their eggs in standing water. That means those clogged gutters you haven’t quite gotten around to cleaning out and the bird bath with the stagnant water that no bird in its right mind would drink provide perfect birthing suites for female mosquitoes to lay hundreds of eggs. Eggs that hatch in just over a week and lead to an infiltration of even more bloodsuckers to battle.

Fortunately, Alabama Professional Services (APS) has you covered when it comes to both preventing mosquitoes and knocking them out once they appear. As a preemptive strike against the blood-hungry bugs, you can utilize APS’ state-of-the-art Gutter Protection Service as a way to eliminate one of momma mosquito’s favorite places to lay her eggs. Their patented Bulldog Gutter Guard installation works to filter rainwater into your gutter system while leaves and debris are blown away. The free-flowing roof drainage system allows your gutters to work at full capacity while saving you the hassle and danger of having to clean your gutters. In addition to helping keep mosquito-loving standing water from pooling up amid the gutter’s clogs, the Bulldog Gutter Guard will also prevent animals and birds from nesting. After all, your home ought to be open only to guests you’ve actually invited over.

In addition, APS offers comprehensive mosquito reduction as part of their pest control offerings. As a longtime licensed, trained pest control service provider, APS knows precisely how to resolve your mosquito problem and can even respond to your home’s needs on short notice. In addition, if you’ve been a bit lax on getting those gutters cleared out in the past and are now facing a hoard of birds or squirrels setting up shop along your roof, APS also provides Creature Catcher provisions to get the guests you never wanted away from your home.

From lawncare services to complete pest control and every home improvement action in between, Alabama Professional Services is proud to be a one-stop shop for all your home-care needs. Whether you’re trying to rid your domain of mosquitos or you’re looking to make your life a little easier with gutter protection, APS’ experienced team of experts will meet with you and develop a specific course of action to fulfill your home improvement needs. You deserve to be free from the disruptive, disrespectful, and dangerous mosquitoes that too-often plague our corner of the world. Let APS make your home the comfortable space it should be today by calling 866-253-6035 or seeking a FREE estimate here.

Come see APS at the 2017 Home Building and Remodeling Showcase

Come see APS at the 2017 Home Building and Remodeling Showcase
Rainy weather followed by warm, humid temps—sound familiar? In Alabama, it’s a near-constant state of being, especially during this time of year. Aside from the muggy air permeating your lungs and making you feel generally uncomfortable, this Deep South state of being is synonymous with termite swarm season.

Swarm season occurs in full force when a colony of termites reaches a certain size during humid months like March, April, May, and June. However, swarms can occur during unseasonably warm, wet months—making Alabama a prime candidate for early infestations. Swarmers found outdoors near tree stumps and railroad ties are not necessarily an indication that your house is infested, but they can mean that if the pests are close by, it’s only a matter of time before their feeding frenzy makes its way to your home. If you have found swarmers indoors, you have likely become the victim of a termite infestation.

In Birmingham, Alabama, termites cause more structural damage each year than floods, storms, and fires combined. And while we’ve all heard that termites have a real hankering for wood, their appetite is not limited to structures made of lumber. Slab foundations, any wood that makes contact with dirt surrounding the home, and crawl spaces are often particularly susceptible to termites. In fact, a termite colony can damage brick, stone, or stucco as well, destroying everything bite by bite from the inside out. Unfortunately, the extent of the decimation cannot be determined by a simple once-over look from the average homeowner.

As one of the most destructive and relentless insects in the world, the only surefire way to protect the structural integrity of your home and avoid exorbitant costs in repairing the damage done by these pests is to establish a proactive termite protection plan such as the ones offered by Alabama Professional Services (APS).

Long heralded as an expert in termite extermination and prevention, APS uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System or Termidor Termite Treatment to nix the threat of termites in your home once and for all. Their process is involved, as various in-depth steps must be taken during the extermination process. An APS trained and licensed technician will provide a thorough property inspection, review those results with you, and then enact a customized treatment plan designed to eliminate those hungry, unwanted guests. The extent of your home’s termite infestation cannot be realized until an expert examines and assesses the area, therefore trusting the protection of your home and your family should be left to the experienced skill and knowledge of the professionals at APS.

And if your home has suffered the wrath of a termite infestation with damage to beams, joists, or walls, APS can also repair many types of termite sabotage thanks to a professional, reliable team of willing fix-it folks who will make it their priority to restore your home and your peace of mind.

The time to act against these trespassers is now! At the very first sign of swarming—whether inside or outside of your home—contact the always-ready team at Alabama Professionals Services to establish a time to come take a look at what should be your place of respite. Serving Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Gadsden, Shelby County, Alabaster, Pelham, Calera, Chelsea, and Irondale, Alabama Professional Services is ready to assist residential and commercial property owners right now. Call us for a consultation today at 866-253-6035.

Pre-Emergent Care is a Preemptive Strike Against Weeds and Pests

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Pesky pop-ups of unwanted, unsightly growth that choke out your favorite shrubs and flowering plants. Poisonous spiders. A sleep-spoiling cacophony courtesy of crickets. Creepy centipedes. Stomach-turning roaches. They say the best defense is a good offense—and when it comes to combating the threat of weeds and pests, NOW is the time to take action to protect your home from not only the downright unattractive, but also the truly dangerous.

Because weeds compete with grass for sunlight, water, and essential nutrients, they decimate the quality of your lawn as a whole . In little to no time at all, common threats like crabgrass and chickweed spread like wildfire, smothering out the carefully cultivated elements of your yard and the plants you actually intended to be there. By eliminating the threat of a weed invasion when the weeds are still in their seed stages, you can overpower them, essentially nipping them in the bud before they grow too large to manage easily. The same goes for pests commonly occurring in our area—from the lowly cockroach to the menacing brown recluse, when it comes to critters that can certainly ruin your day (or at least scare the wits out of you!), acting against the imminent threat before it appears is the most effective means to maintaining your peace of mind.

The preeminent strike against unwelcome weeds is referred to as a pre-emergent control. When it comes to pre-emergent weed control and stopping pests, timing is everything. First, the proper herbicide and pesticide must be selected based on the threat at hand. Factors like climate, humidity, and soil quality all come into play when determining when to apply the pre-emergent treatment as a proactive punishment to your unwanted guests. However, even the slightest misstep—improper application (using too little or too much) and/or poorly timed implementation—can render your attack useless. Thanks to a knowledgeable team of experts at Alabama Professional Services (APS), you can eliminate wasted time and money while eliminating all of the guesswork.

APS is proud to offer the advantage of possessing extensive, hands-on knowledge and research about different types of weeds and pests. APS serves Irondale, Huntsville, Birmingham, and the surrounding areas. A dedicated team of APS specialists can effectively resolve your weed woes and pest problems before they get out of hand. As experienced professionals offering unparalleled service in Alabama for forty years, APS is confident in the ability to eradicate the threat these trespassers impose.
And all it takes is your initiative. Call the shield at 205-951-9717 , and you will be on your way to the specified, comprehensive treatment and ongoing care you deserve for your home and lawn. For more information about all of Alabama Professional Services’ offerings, visit .