Ant Extermination & Ant Control


An ant infestation can drive almost anyone crazy, trying to clean up the problem, only to find they’re back a few hours later can cause frustration to just about anyone. Ants here in the State of Alabama are a very common occurrence, and although some homeowners and businesses may never experience an ant infestation, others can constantly be plagued by these little nuisance pests. If you are experiencing an ant problem, APS ant experts are trained to identify holes in your property’s pest barriers, and can also help determine the root causes drawing them into your home. Let’s work together to develop a long-term ant extermination solution that keeps the colony outside and keeps you comfortable indoors.

Don’t Just Treat One Spot

What people often think is that where they notice the ants, they are quick to deal with the ants at that spot. That is the wrong move. Ants are very mobile creatures with a colony that can support thousands of ants. The workers, scout the surroundings for food and viable places where they can set up another colony.

A good ant exterminator will not just work on the ants identified, but will see it as a sign of more ants – a thriving colony. Hence, spraying the ants with pesticides without addressing the source of the ants will do nothing to fix the problem. The ants will just be missing for a few days and will come back in larger numbers.

APS ant control and ant extermination services include interior and exterior treatments employing both liquids and baits. We’re committed to a job well done with 10-day follow-ups after any treatment. It’s all part of our promise to you